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Understanding Ayurveda Healing

As a horse and dog owner myself I have always tried to find the best supplements and treatments for them.  Many years ago before I even knew there was something other than what was the norm I just used what was commonly available.  As I grew older and acquired more animals I learned more about life, health and that there are other medical ways to approach illnesses.  I started to look into more natural and healthier options for myself and my animals.   I did much research on Eastern medicine, particularly India and Ayurveda medicines.  I researched Chinese medicines until I saw that the efficacy wasn't always consistent depending on where they came from.  So back to India and Ayurveda herbs I went.  What I found was that the science of Ayurveda medicine goes back thousands for years and still is to this day India's health care.  I was introduced to Dr. Vikram Cahuhan through another Ayurveda doctor in California.  It wasn't long before I realized how incredible these herbs, bark, roots, berries and the entire science of Ayurveda is.  My faith and trust grew quickly in Dr. Vikram and what I learned from him over the years has been life changing.   For me and my animals.  There is no doubt that I would continue to work with Dr. Vikram to help my animals and every other horse and dog I can.  

Over the years Dr. Vikram and I have introduced several supplementations to help the common ailments of both horses and dogs, most of which are very similar.  We have gone through the steps to have all the ingredients go through the USEF department of medications to make sure everything we used is in their approved criteria.  

I would also like everyone to know that in India, since these herbs, roots, berries etc are their health care system they do not use pesticides or toxins on any of their vegetation.   Loose herbs cannot be taken out of the country.  They must be made into a supplement or medication and approved by the Ayurveda medical board made up of Ayurveda doctors.  They even control what the products are named.  Which is why my products have certain names, most of which I did not choose.  They take this very seriously.  This is why I chose to use Ayurveda to help my animals.  Dr. Vikram Chauhan is a world renown Ayurveda Doctor, he is brilliant.   He is loyal and always there when I have a question or need something for my animals or my family.  I turn to him for all my medical advice and help.   Dr. Vikram mainly handles human medicine but for me he includes animals.  If you look into how Ayurveda science works you will learn about doshas and how all beings systems are very similar.

My goal is to have been able to help everyone understand more about Ayurveda and why it is the best medicine for all.  

I hope I have been able to build enough trust that you will try these products and see what an immense difference they will make in your animals lives.  Seeing your horses and dogs feeling great and healthy is happiness.

Thank you for listening!

Sue Daven,

Founder  www.Ayurvedaforanimals.horse

Should you have any questions, please contact me at: suedaven26@aol.com

OR  TEXT 2039968188

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The formulation of each natual ayurvedic product aims to balance each specific energy that cause illness or discomfort in our animals. Our products are always all natural and 100% safe for your pets.

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